At Restructuring Works, we are experts at working with directors to identify the cause of the problems and then finding the “least drastic solution” to save your business. We also ensure that the directors themselves are protected.

Most companies will face difficult financial challenges at some time. Those challenges can range from simply “underperforming” through to “insolvency”.

Wherever your company sits in that range, working through the problems is a stressful and worrying time. As a director, you will be dealing with the pressure of not letting down employees, shareholders and creditors while dealing with unfamiliar situations and laws.

The simplest solution is what we call Informal Restructuring – which is where we work with the directors, and some or all of your creditors, to come to a negotiated solution to return your company to financial health. This is done behind-the-scenes and avoids the use of formal appointments (such as Voluntary Administration) and the Courts.

Why you need an expert?

Informal Restructuring can be a complicated and technical area. It is very important that your solution complies with commercial practice and that the agreements and terms don’t breach the Corporations Act. And there is a lot to consider including Insolvent Trading, sale of assets at undervalue, and employment laws.

It’s an area that is unfamiliar to most directors and so there is no substitute for experience. At Restructuring Works, each of our experts have been doing this type of work successfully for over 20 years.

How do we help?

The specific services we provide under the broad term Informal Restructuring vary with the situation, but will normally include one of the following:

Financial Restructuring

To help deal with the capital structure of your business, including the mix of debt to equity, and it may involve negotiating “haircuts” for some of your creditors.

Operational Restructuring

To identify the causes of operational underperformance and develop a strategy to improve performance.

Debt Refinancing

To reschedule or reduce existing company debt by assessing the different financial options available, or by renegotiating existing terms.

Business Stabilisation

To help a business through short term and unexpected financial distress, such as the loss of a big contract.

Place the future of your business in the right hands

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