Informal Restructuring

Is your company underperforming?  Are you thinking that things are not going well but that with some attention to a few issues it will be OK?  We’ve been providing advice to companies for over 20 years, and run a few businesses ourselves, and there are two truths:

  1. the unfortunate truth – things are usually worse than the directors think they are;
  2. the fortunate truth – there are a range of solutions directors have not yet considered that can save-the-day.

We’re thinking that if you’ve gone online and found this page you already know you need to do something.  What is most important is for you to act now.

We have a range of solutions that can be tailored to help your company.  CALL US NOW for CONFIDENTIAL FREE ADVICE.

If you’d like to read more before calling we’ve set out below an explanation of some Workout Solutions.

The Workout process need not follow any set formula. In practice, the timing and nature of a Workout will be dictated by each particular situation.

A Workout can be achieved in a short space of time or it can take years to complete. Many Workouts can be dealt with by a company and its advisors without the need to resort to formal protection under insolvency legislation. At times it is not necessary to involve external parties, such as the company’s bankers or trade creditors, at all. Commonly though, a company will need to approach its key creditors and agree some sort of forbearance by those creditors whilst the company deals with its problems. This is often referred to as an “informal workout” or just a “workout”.

The solutions available to a company in Financial Distress will normally require a particular skill set and so external assistance is usually required. At Restructuring Works we classify the services we offer to companies in Financial Distress under two broad categories:

  • Turnaround Management – Working with the directors to identify the causes of the financial distress and the development of a strategy to return the company to financial health.
  • Debt Refinancing – the review of a company’s debt finance to arrange a more appropriate type of finance or a rescheduling of the current terms.

If these do not sound like the right solutions for you you might want to review our other solutions or if it is all getting a bit hard contact us now for CONFIDENTIAL FREE ADVICE.

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