Demand Notice

Have you received a Demand Notice and you are wondering what to do?

It has always been considered proper to send to overdue debtors a notice warning of the issue of legal proceedings. The demand may be made by the creditor or by the creditor’s agent or solicitor. The demand will simply state the existence of the debt and warn that legal proceedings will commence if the debt is not paid.

Many creditors will send their own demands to debtors prior to instructing a lawyer. Demands can be sent to debtors by post, fax or email.

What can you do if you receive a Demand Notice?

You have time to pay the claim of the creditor. Try to offer a payment deal sensibly before the action will be heard in the court. If you cannot pay the debt then you should look at our page Is my company insolvent? or if you are already convinced your company is insolvent then Ask IRA! what your options are.

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