We have developed Ask IRA as a self assessment tool that simplifies a very complicated area – defining the problem and the appropriate solution for a company in financial distress.

If it all sounds a bit hard just CALL US NOW for CONFIDENTIAL FREE ADVICE. But if you’d like to self-assess first read on.

IRA stands for “Interactive Restructuring Adviser”. IRA asks you four questions and based on your responses we can identify where your company is placed in the Restructuring Spectrum. So simply click on the relevant answers to the four questions then click “Send”. Scroll back to the bottom of the Questions and IRA will display on the screen three things:

  1. IRA’s assessment of where your company sits in the Restructuring Spectrum;
  2. The Solutions that are available to a company in that position;
  3. The Restructuring Work Services that assist with that solution.

If you think you got an answer wrong, simply “Refresh” the web page and you can start again. After that, if you have a look near the IRA icon at the bottom of the page you can Click and we will send to you by email a summary of the questions, your answers and our solutions.

If you’d like to discuss IRA’s suggested solutions please CALL US for FREE ADVICE.

1. Is your company solvent or insolvent? You can get the answer to this at our page Is my company insolvent? Solvent Insolvent
2. Is the company currently running at a Net Profit? In the current period is your company trading at a profit or loss. You can get this from the monthly accounts. If you do not prepare monthly accounts, your current cash flow is often a good indicator of whether you are currently trading profitably. Profit Loss
3. Can the company run at a Net Profit next year? You need to think about the future prospects of your company, after you’ve made adjustments to the business. If it is currently trading at a profit, is this sustainable into next year? If it is currently trading at a loss, are there things that can be done to return the company to profitability? Those things can include quite radical changes to the company such as shutting a division, increasing prices or reducing costs. Profit Loss
4. Will ALL of the key stakeholders continue to support the company even if a restructuring is required: Key Directors, Key Suppliers, Bank, and Key Staff? In order to restructure a company, the key stakeholders must be willing to support the company through the time it takes to return the company to profitability. If any one of the key stakeholders withdraws support it is likely to be impossible to restructure the company. Will Support Will NOT support

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